Substance Abuse/
Mental Health Consulting

Sober/Emotional support for people surrounded by chaos.


The hardest place for a musician to get or maintain any kind of clarity is on the road.  We can bring the help directly to the touring musician/entertainer.  This niche is seriously under serviced and we want to bring the help where it's needed.  Offering multiple levels of care and with a wealth of experience we can give you exactly the support you need.


Coping Skills

"Without Dave Sherman, I believe a lot of my artists would have seen much harder times.  He really h

"Without Dave Sherman, I believe a lot of my artists would have seen much harder times.  He really helps put things into perspective for the whole team and keeps everyone groundedHonestly, I'd like to clone him so I could send him out with all my bands."

Dave Shapiro-Sound Talent Group

We offer counseling to assist the artist in order to deal with reality.  Touring is a complete flight from reality.  Many artists only feel comfortable when on stage and don't know how to switch gears when the show is over.  We offer comprehensive help to assist the artist in making emotional transitions.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexuality
  • Narcissism/Entitlement
  • Anger
  • Relationship Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Emotional Isolation
  • Relapse/Cravings
  • Inter-band Conflict
  • Bass Players


Levels Of Care


"I consider Dave a very close friend who cares immensely about the people around him.  Someone to talk to. Someone who 'gets it.'  Someone that's never passed judgement. I love him like a brother"


After evaluating the artist we will design a treatment plan and a level of care specifically tailored to meet the need.  We can offer a comprehensive list of services:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly "on call" phone/Skype counseling
  • In person, on tour full time sober/life coach
  • Escort to treatment facility
  • Follow up/step down support after the tour is over
  • Group/band support
  • Family support
  • Relationship support